10/2018: starting to plan new „blinky“ activities
10/2018: take a break from „blinky“ from february until october
01/2018: release of “dystopia“
01/2018: release of “p/pm/dic“
01/2018: release of “collide (a collection of music)“
01/2018: release of “four in one“
01/2018: release of “for a better world (cut the strings edition)“

also in 2018
– taking a break from „blinky“ from february until october
– from october the 1st, start to plan new „blinky“ activities


12/2017: release of “cut the strings“
10/2017: release of “birth school work death“
09/2017: release of “i want you“
03/2017: release of “blue ice“

also in 2017
– release of the “blue ice“ and “birth school work death“ video clips
– production of “witness 2017“ by synergy
– mastering of “the crash dump files 2006 – 2017“ by crash dump file
– mastering of “vive somnium“ by icingwolf
– remixes for jeff appleton, synergy, restriction 9


12/2016: release of “that’s my frequency II“
11/2016: release of “live @ strange electro pop festival“
10/2016: first live performance @ strange electro pop festival, braunschweig
09/2016: release of “words & inspiration“
08/2016: release of “for a better world“
09/2016: release of “ich will nicht tanzen“
08/2016: release of “killing machine“
02/2016: release of “electric mushrooms“
02/2016: release of “cellular circuits“
01/2016: release of “fractured sign“

also in 2016
– release of the “killing machine“, “ich will nicht tanzen“, “words & inspiration“ & „up close“ video clips
– releases of “live @ strange electro pop festival“ live performance video
– remixes for in good faith. arctic sunrise, soulimage, thx 1971, perma f, zoon politicon, infernosounds
– co-operations with van bauseneick, henning reuter (synergy), michael „arni“ arnold, darrin campbell huss (psyche)


11/2015: release of “strange electro pop“
11/2015: release of “what’s your frequency“
10/2015: release of “that’s my frequency“
05/2015: release of “getting the cold kill“
04/2015: release of “love & hate“
02/2015: release of “1378 (25 years of wiedervereinigung)“

also in 2015
– release of the “1378“ and “unknown whispers“ video clips
– remixes for arctic sunrise, infernosounds, nox interna, benny benassi, binary division, engram, psy’avira
– co-operations with van bauseneick, michael „arni“ arnold, perma f


06/2014: release of “stille“
03/2014: release of “walls“
02/2014: release of “dem tod den tod“
01/2014: release of “sacred pills“

also in 2014
– release of the “walls“ and “dem tod den tod“ video clips
– production, recording & sound design for “verschwinden“ by matthias bosenick
– remixes for attrition, mrdtc, tears for fears, non eric feat. lara pulsar, boyinaband feat. veela, mc1r, synergy, basement jaxx, perma f
– co-operations with van bauseneick, henning reuter (synergy)


12/2013: release of “passengers of tomorrow“
02/2013: release of “requiem für seltsame kreaturen“

also in 2013:
– release of the“elektromann“, “meine freizeit“ and “winter“ video clips
– production and recording of “bass trip“ by schepper
– remixes for kasparov, mr. bill, schepper, i;scintilla
– co-operations with van bauseneick, the erlenator


11/2012: release of “we are …“
09/2012: blinky blinky computerband and bbcom music were established

also in 2012
– release of the “elbtunnel trip“ video clip